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5 Best Night Hair Care Tips for Beautiful Hair | The Shell Hair

5 best night hair care tips to follow for beautiful hair

Night Hair Care: After a workaholic day, there’s no better feeling than lying on your bed. But, before lying don’t forget to remove your makeup and brush your teeth which is a very great thing.

But, did you do anything for your Hair before sleep? A majority of people’s answer would be NO. If you want to maintain healthy, strong, and beautiful hair for a long period you must follow a night hair care routine.

Night Hair care is as important as skincare is. Just like missing a skincare routine can cause ache, pimples, fine lines, and blemishes missing a night hair care routine can not only affect the appearance of your hair but also affects your scalp health and hair quality.

Generally, we don’t give much importance to night hair care and simply ignore it, but, if you are willing to spend a few minutes on your hair before sleep, you will see amazing improvements in your hair health.

5 Best Night Hair Care Tips

If you want to wake up to healthy, shiny, and lush hair every day you must follow these night hair care routines.

1. Massage your scalp

Gently massaging your scalp with your fingertips helps you to get rid of stress, anxiety, and tension and gives you a sound sleep.

It helps in increasing blood circulation to your scalp area which leads to better hair growth.

The research in 2019 on 340 participants who followed scalp massage twice daily found that 69% of participants had seen an improvement in their alopecia.

2. Overnight oiling

Oiling your hair overnight is the best solution for dry and rough hair. It helps in the faster repairing of damaged hair and split ends.

This night hair care technique is being used from a very long time by our mother, grand mother and even now as it’s the best and most powerful way of getting healthy hair.

We recommend you to use natural hair oils free from any chemicals which work the best. Massage it gently for 5 minutes, put on a shower cap, and fall to your bed.

3. Don’t sleep with wet hair

Often when we don’t have time to wash our hair in the morning we do it at night. And even when the hair hasn’t dried well we go to sleep. That’s a very wrong thing if you do so.

When our hair is wet, it becomes weak, and during sleep when the hair stretches the chances of breakage increase a lot.

Try not to wash your hair at night or even if you want to, try to wash it early in the evening or immediately after you return home.

4. Use a silk pillow

When we sleep on a normal pillow and turn during the night our hair is bound to stretch and break.

Silk pillow being on the expensive side has smaller fibers and won’t pull or damage your hair during the night.

If you don’t want to use a silk pillow you can go for a satin headscarf or shower cap. This will not only maintain your hairstyle but also keep it protected and you get soft curls and less frizz every morning.

5. Get that Sleep

A night of healthy sleep is not crucial for your skin, and body but also for your hair. Most of the regeneration and repairing happens because of sound sleep.

For a healthy sleep try to not go through any devices like phones, laptops, etc at least an hour before.

Get at least 7 hours of quality sleep and wake up to a fresh body, skin, and more importantly healthy hair.

If you want to know the causes of hair thinning and home remedies to overcome it, you can read: Best Hair Thinning Solution for Women at Home


You might have now understood all the 5 night hair care tips. You may find these steps very small and simple but, these small steps make a big difference.

You will not see an immediate difference but stay consistent and follow this routine for at least 3-6 months.

If your hair is damaged and you had tried a lot of natural and chemical treatments, but, didn’t see any satisfactory results, you can use clip-in hair extensions to cover it.

The Shell Hair provides you with the best 100% Natural Human Hair Clip In Extensions to get you out of the embarrassment of short or damaged hair.

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