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Discover the ideal solution for women experiencing thinning hair in the front and crown areas with our budget-friendly 3×5 Lace Hair Topper. Perfect for those who love to backcomb their hair, length is 18 inches.


Introducing our 3×5 Lace Hair Topper – the perfect blend of natural beauty and practicality. This topper offers impeccable coverage around your forehead, making it an ideal solution for grey hair coverage and baby hair concerns. With its faux scalp feature, you can enjoy a lifelike appearance that eliminates the need for frequent root touch-ups – it’s like having your own flawless scalp.

Key Features:

Necessary Coverage Solution: Tailored for areas with significant hair loss, providing the essential coverage you need.

Natural Appearance: Achieve an authentic look with our topper that seamlessly blends in, mimicking the appearance of your own scalp.

100% Human Hair Extension: Embrace the authenticity of 100% human hair, ensuring a natural look and feel.

Seamless Clip-On Application: Effortlessly attach the topper with a clip-on application for a seamless and secure fit.

Comfortable All-Day Wear: Experience comfort that lasts all day – our topper is light, comfortable, and breathable.

Heat Resistant and Customizable: Style and color as you desire – our topper is heat resistant, offering versatility in your preferred look.

Clip Any Additional Strandouts: Customize your style further by clipping additional strandouts for a personalized touch.

Perfect for Hair Accessories: Enhance your style with ease by adding various hair accessories to complement your look.

Discover the confidence that comes with a 3×5 Lace Hair Topper – not just a hair solution, but a seamless blend of natural beauty and convenience. Enjoy a look that feels like your own, effortlessly.

How to Apply

How to Apply

To make side partiton, you don’t have to change the partition of Hair topper, first make a desired partition on your hair and then place the partition of hair topper over your own parting. it have 5 clips.
Application time: less than 1 minute.
To make ponytail or low bun using hair topper, backcomb all the hair on topper (TIP: spray some water on hair and comb) take out some of your front hair, clip the topper and cover it with your front hair
if worn regularly, the lifespan of path is 2-3 years as the hair is hand knotted on the grids of a lace.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for 3×5 Lace Hair Topper

  1. Divya pthan

    Most natural looking topper. I backcomb my hair and it is best natural looking.🤩🤩

  2. Aruna nagarwal

    This lace topper i wear when i make ponytail. So affordable and make my hair voluminous🥰

  3. Sita

    It helped me a lot. I make puff using this😍

  4. Lalita

    I guess I am in love with shell hair products
    I keep on collecting new hair toppers easy and comfortable to wear all day long. I also like the odour of hair

  5. Najma

    I guess I am in love with shell hair products
    I keep on collecting new hair toppers easy and comfortable to wear all day long. I also like the odour of hair

  6. Tanya

    Best solution ever! The 100% human hair topper is my go-to for fuller hair and it feels so real!

  7. Shreya

    This 3×5 Lace Hair Topper is like your personal hair magician, making thinning areas disappear! It’s so seamless, feels natural, and lets you style it any way you want while giving that extra confidence boost. Totally recommended!

  8. Gauri

    This topper like having your own hair superhero—covers thinning spots seamlessly, feels real, and lets you style it your way, giving that extra oomph!

  9. Khushi Gupta

    Five-star quality! The topper’s comfort and natural appearance make it unbeatable.

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