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Clip-In Bangs

Discover the ultimate transformation with our Clip-In Bangs Collection, featuring 100% human hair for a natural and authentic appearance. Choose from Low, Medium, and High density bangs to easily elevate your hairstyle. Our clip-in bangs blend seamlessly, offering versatility and instant style. Whether you're going for a classic or modern look, our bangs collection has the perfect match. Effortlessly upgrade your hair with our user-friendly fringe extensions. Shop now for a quick and stylish hair transformation.

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Shop fake bangs onlineNish hair Clip in bangs
Clip-In Bangs - Medium Dense Sale priceFrom Rs.1,095.00 INR
Clip in bangs with highlightsFringes with highlights for women
Clip-In Bangs - Balayage Sale priceFrom Rs.1,295.00 INR
Bangs extensionsClip in bangs
Clip-In Bangs - High Dense Sale priceFrom Rs.1,195.00 INR

Bangs Hair Extensions

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