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Perfect solution for women who have hair thinning in the front and crown area. 3×5 Silk Hair Topper resembles human scalp. The base size is 3 inch in breadth and 5 inch in length. Length of topper is 20 Inches.


Unveiling Our Revolutionary 3×5 Silk Hair Topper: Your Ultimate Solution for Front and Crown Hair Thinning

Are you seeking a game-changing solution for front and crown hair thinning? Look no further than our 3×5 Silk Hair Topper – a lightweight marvel that delivers complete coverage and added volume to your crown. Revel in the undetectable, natural-looking hairline that flawlessly conceals knots, allowing for comfortable, all-day wear without any strain on your natural hair when securely clipped.

Why Opt for Our 3×5 New Silk Hair Topper?

1. Professionally Crafted Excellence: Meticulously crafted for a seamless, natural appearance, our topper is designed by professionals to elevate your look effortlessly.

2. Authentic 100% Real Human Hair: Crafted from 100% real human hair, our topper provides an authentic look and feel, ensuring a natural blend with your own hair.

3. Virtually Undetectable Elegance: Enjoy the confidence of a virtually undetectable topper that seamlessly blends with your natural hair, creating a harmonious and natural overall look.

4. Full Coverage for Thinning Areas: Specifically designed to address thinning at the top and crown, our topper offers full coverage, enhancing your hair’s overall volume and density.

5. Versatile Styling Options: Embrace the freedom of versatile styling! Our topper allows for effortless backcombing, ponytails, or buns, providing a range of styling possibilities to suit your preferences.

6. Safe Clip-In, Damage-Free: Clip in with confidence! Our topper is designed for a secure and comfortable fit without causing any damage to your natural hair roots.

Experience the transformative qualities of our 3×5 Silk Hair Topper, which arrives with a natural wavy texture. Prior to delivery, we straighten the hair for a sleek finish. Heat-resistant and fully customizable, you can confidently recolor it to match your unique style. Our showcased model proudly flaunts ‘The Shell Hair’ in a sophisticated natural black shade, measuring an impressive 20 inches in length.

Elevate your confidence and beauty with our expertly designed 3×5 Silk Hair Topper – the natural and seamless solution to transform your look. Invest in a product that speaks volumes about your style and sophistication today.

How to Apply

How to Apply

Application time: less than 1 minute.
To make ponytail or low bun using hair topper, backcomb all the hair on topper (TIP: spray some water on hair and comb) take out some of your front hair, clip the topper and cover it with your front hair
if worn regularly, the lifespan of path is 2-4 years as the hair is hand knotted on the grids of a lace.

Reviews (10)

10 reviews for 3×5 Silk Hair Topper

  1. Sima rathor

    The BEST HAIR TOPPER in India. This is so natural looking. No one was able to recognise me😍the shell hair made my day💕

  2. Akshita upadaya

    So natural looking. Gives volume from top till bottom🥰 shell hair have best silk toppers

  3. Adya

    Great product 🥰 my first purchase from shell hair. I love it. This topper is so natural and light. Using it everyday. Got my confidence back. Keep up the good work shell hair. Thanks❤️

  4. Poonam morya

    I purchased it for my mother in law and they are amazing. She equally loved the extensions. Will definitely order again soon.

  5. Akshara

    I purchased it for my mother in law and they are amazing. She equally loved the extensions. Will definitely order again soon.

  6. Archana

    This Hair Topper is a game-changer! It feels incredibly natural, seamlessly covering my front and crown-thinning areas. The volume it adds is a confidence boost, and it’s so comfortable I forget it’s there. The versatility for styling is a bonus, and I love that it’s gentle on my natural hair roots. Worth every penny!

  7. Kavya

    The added volume is a nice touch, and I appreciate its gentle care for my natural hair roots. Overall, a reliable choice!

  8. Varsha

    Life-changing product! The best topper I’ve found for covering hair thinning.❤️

  9. Zoey (verified owner)

    Awesome product.

    Very well made

  10. Vaishika

    Shell Hair breathed life and vibrancy into my hair – total transformation achieved!

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