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Perfect solution for women who have small bald spots. Available in three different lengths: 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch and 20 inch. It gives coverage, can be used as side bangs and adds a volume. Made of premium Human Hair.

Our Cover up Patch With Highlights is used to cover small bald spots which need little volume, Hair color or coverage. It can be used as side bangs or to cover your face from side (face framing).
It is known as blind patch because it is designed in such a way that it seems like the hair is growing from scalp, making it a blind patch or cover up patch Hair Extensions with highlights
  • Available in three different lengths: 14 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch
  • Made of double drawn hair that means almost all the hair are of same length
  • It is seamless and very natural looking
  • It is heat resistant and can be recolored
  • Model is wearing 14 inch Cover up Patch With Highlights
Why you’ll love it ?
  • Made of 100% real human hair
  • Super Seamless and invisible
  • Covers your bald patch
  • It can be backcombed to tie a ponytail or a bun
  • does not cause any kind of damage to your own hair roots

    Key Features:

    • 100% Human Hair Excellence: Our commitment to quality shines through in every strand. The Shell Hair proudly presents a Cover-Up Patch created from authentic, premium human hair. Say goodbye to synthetic substitutes and embrace the authentic texture and sheen that only real hair can provide.
    • Sensational Highlights: Elevate your hair’s allure with strategically placed highlights. Each Cover-Up Patch is meticulously designed to incorporate highlights that complement your natural hair color, adding depth and dimension. You’ll radiate confidence with every glance.
    • Seamless Integration: Seamless is the name of the game. The Cover-Up Patch is ingeniously crafted to effortlessly merge with your existing hair, leaving no telltale signs. Whether you’re an expert or a novice at hair extensions, achieving a flawless look has never been easier.
    • Easy Application and Removal: Our user-friendly design ensures hassle-free application and removal. The patch comes with secure yet gentle clips that attach firmly to your hair without causing damage. Style it, flaunt it, and remove it at your convenience.
    • Customizable Styling: Straight, wavy, or curly – the choice is yours. The Cover-Up Patch is heat-friendly, allowing you to style it to match your desired look. Experiment with various styles without compromising the patch’s quality.
    • Longevity and Durability: We understand that your hair is an investment. The Shell Hair’s Cover-Up Patch is engineered for long-lasting wear, maintaining its premium quality even after repeated use.

    Why Choose The Shell Hair: With an influx of hair extension options flooding the market, The Shell Hair stands out as a brand synonymous with excellence and authenticity. We prioritize quality, style, and customer satisfaction, setting us apart from the competition.

    Unveil a New You: Experience the transformation that a Cover-Up Patch with Highlights from The Shell Hair can bring. Elevate your appearance, enhance your confidence, and enjoy the undeniable allure of premium human hair extensions. Visit us at to explore the world of hair innovation today.
    Whether you’re aiming for a quick style switch-up or a complete hair transformation, our Cover-Up Patch is your go-to solution.

    • 100% human hair extensions
    • Cover-Up Patch with Highlights
    • Premium human hair
    • Seamless integration
    • Easy application and removal
    • Customizable styling
    • Long-lasting hair extensions
    • Ethically sourced hair
    • Hair transformation

How to Apply

Size Guide & Care


Need a little help choosing the right length of hair extensions? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with our in-depth hair extensions length guide! Read on for everything you need to know when choosing your perfect length.

10-12 INCH

Our shortest length at THESHELLHAIR. A 12 inch set sits below is shoulders and is ultra natural looking once applied.This length is perfect for those who have naturally short/fine hair and are looking to add volume rather than length.


Next up, 14 inches! This length sits above the bust. Like our 12 inch hair extensions,a 14 inch set is perfect for enhancing the thickness of your natural hair. This length is great for a super natural, everyday look!


16 inches sits around the mid bust area and a popular choice of our shorter lengths. We absolutely LOVE a 16 inch set for everyday length and thickness. A 16 inch set looks ultra natural whilst still provides a great amount of length for styling.


Next is 20 inches! Our most popular length at THESHELLHAIR, this sits about a hands width below the bust. 20 inches is perfect for adding everyday length whilst still providing that wow factor. This length is great for those average in height and can be curled whilst still maintaining a good amount of length.


Our 24 inch sets sit around the waist area and are perfect for taller girls and those who love long hair.A 24 inch set can be curled whilst maintaining length.

Which length do you love? We hope this hair extensions length guide helps you choose your perfect set!


Keep your Clip In Hair Extensions clean and untangled by taking time to care for them every day.

For the most natural look, we have used one hundred percent real human hair. The extensions come in a range of colors and can be washed, heat styled, and cut for a tailored look.
1: We recommend you to brush them by holding the roots to prevent pulling on the bonds before you put them on and after you remove them.
It is normal for hair extensions to have few white strands and for it to shed a few strands but that does not mean it will hamper the over all volume of your Hair Extensions.
2: When using hot tools be sure to use a heat protectant spray! The more you use heat and wash your hair, the shorter the life-span of the hair extensions.
3: we recommend you to wash your extensions once a month unless you wear them daily. since these are dead hair you don’t need to oil them. post washing( always comb nicely while washing, afrer washing and before washing) them, let them dry naturally. apply hair serum after washing.
4: Always use Good amount of conditioner after shampoo for lustrous Hair.
5: To clip your Extensions make sure to open all the clips, Attach the clip by sliding it into the teased area from the top and snapping the clips shut. Make sure to get the edge of the hair piece as close to your scalp as possible.
6: To know more or to learn how to wear them, you can check out our videos on our Instagram and You Tube channel @the_shell_hair
At the end of the day, this hair is gorgeous and so are you! We want to keep it that way! So take care of your hair and you will find out how long they last!


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