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Perfect solution for women who have hair thinning in the front and crown area. Silk topper resembles human scalp. The base size is 2 inch in breadth and 5 inch in length. Length of Topper is 18-20 Inches.

Our 2×5 New silk Hair Topper is perfect product if you have hair thinning around front top area and crown area, as it covers entirely from front and gives good volume on crown. It is very light weight hair topper with super natural looking hairline as knots are not visible. It can be worn for an entire day without feeling My weight or pull on to your natural hair if clipped correctly. Best alternative for full hair topper. They are 100% SEAMLESS, means the lace is not visible from front.
1: The natural texture of hair topper is wavy, we straight the hair and then deliver. It is heat resistant and can be recolored.
2: Model is holding The Shell Hair natural black 2×5 Silk hair topper
3: Length of Topper is 20 inch
Why you’ll love it ?
  • They are made by professionals who make it look natural and give it a seamless finish.
  • Made of 100% real human hair
  • It doesn’t look like you are wearing a hair topper
  • Covers your top and crown thinning.
  • It can be backcombed to tie a ponytail or a bun
  • Clip in Hair Topper does not cause any kind of damage to your own hair roots

How to Apply

Application time: less than 1 minute.
To make ponytail or low bun using hair topper, backcomb all the hair on topper (TIP: spray some water on hair and comb) take out some of your front hair, clip the topper and cover it with your front hair
if worn regularly, the lifespan of path is 2-4 years as the hair is hand knotted on the grids of a lace.


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