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Perfect solution for women who have hair thinning in the front and crown area. 2×5 Silk Hair Topper resembles human scalp. The base size is 2 inch in breadth and 5 inch in length. Length of Topper is 18-20 Inches.


Introducing Our Premium 2×5 Silk Hair Topper – The Ultimate Solution for Front and Crown Hair Thinning

Are you struggling with hair thinning around the front top and crown areas? Look no further! Our 2×5 Silk Hair Topper is the perfect product to address these concerns, providing full coverage from the front while adding significant volume to the crown. Lightweight and seamlessly blending with your natural hair, this topper ensures a natural-looking hairline with invisible knots. Experience the confidence of an entire day’s wear without discomfort or stress on your natural hair when securely clipped.

Key Features:

Full Coverage and Volume: Ideal for addressing hair thinning around the front top and crown areas, our 2×5 Silk Hair Topper provides complete coverage and adds volume for a fuller, more vibrant look.

Lightweight and Natural-Looking: This topper is designed to be lightweight, ensuring a comfortable wear throughout the day. The super-natural looking hairline conceals knots for an undetectable appearance.

Best Alternative for Full Hair Topper: Say goodbye to the hassle of full hair toppers! Our 2×5 Silk Hair Topper offers a seamless and natural solution for those seeking an alternative with ease.

100% Seamless Design: Enjoy a completely seamless look with our topper; the lace is invisible from the front, ensuring a flawless and natural appearance.

Why Choose Our 2×5 Silk Hair Topper?

Professional Craftsmanship: Crafted by skilled professionals, our toppers are designed to look natural and boast a seamless finish, enhancing your overall appearance.

100% Real Human Hair: Our toppers are made exclusively from 100% real human hair, providing a natural texture that can be styled to perfection.

Versatile Styling Options: Backcomb, tie a ponytail, or create a bun – our topper offers versatile styling options without compromising on its natural look.

Heat Resistant and Recolorable: Straighten, curl, or recolor as desired! Our topper is heat resistant and can be easily customized to suit your unique style.

Model-Endorsed: The stunning Shell Hair natural black 2×5 Silk Hair Topper, as seen on our model, showcases the exquisite quality and natural appeal of our product.

Generous Length: With a length of 20 inches, our topper provides ample coverage and styling possibilities to suit your preferences.

Damage-Free: Enjoy the benefits of a clip-in hair topper without any worry about damage to your natural hair roots. Our topper is designed for comfort and safety.

Why wait? Embrace the confidence and beauty our 2×5 Silk Hair Topper offers. Invest in a seamless, natural solution for your hair thinning concerns today!

How to Apply

How to Apply

Application time: less than 1 minute.
To make ponytail or low bun using hair topper, backcomb all the hair on topper (TIP: spray some water on hair and comb) take out some of your front hair, clip the topper and cover it with your front hair
if worn regularly, the lifespan of path is 2-4 years as the hair is hand knotted on the grids of a lace.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for 2×5 Silk Hair Topper

  1. Tanya

    Best solution ever! The 100% human hair topper is my go-to for fuller hair and it feels so real!

  2. Tanya

    Absolutely love this topper! It’s made a significant difference in covering my hair thinning. Highly recommend!

  3. Divya

    This 2×5 Silk Hair Topper is a game-changer! It’s incredibly lightweight, seamlessly covering thinning areas while feeling natural. The real human hair looks impeccable, and its versatility allows for various styles without damaging your own hair. A perfect confidence booster!

  4. Shruti

    This seamless, lightweight 2×5 Silk Hair Topper is a lifesaver for thinning areas, blending flawlessly while feeling natural and versatile for any style! I love it!

  5. Vaishali Singh

    A must-have for thinning locks! This topper is top-notch in both quality and appearance.

  6. omika

    Shell Hair turned my average hair day into a fabulous one – major game-changer!

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