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Which Hair Extensions are Best for You | 5 Types of Hair Extensions | The Shell Hair

Which hair extensions are best for you

Artificial Hair Integrations, commonly known as hair extensions, hair weaves, and fake hair add length and volume to your hair.

Hair Extensions are clipped, glued, and sewn on natural hair by adding either natural human hair or synthetic hair.

Using hair extensions can enhance one’s hair by giving it added volume and length and by adding the color of your choice without worrying about any further damage.

Types of hair extensions include tape-in extensions, clip-in or clip-on extensions, micro/nano rings, fusion methods, weaving methods, and wigs.

Types of Hair extensions & their Installation

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions can be gently combed and treated with specialized shampoos, conditioners, and hair styling products. It can be easily removed by applying glue remover and again installed with liquid adhesive or glue tape. These extensions usually last from 4-8 weeks and even more if maintained properly.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

The clip-in hair extensions are most commonly used by a huge majority of people which adds length and volume to your short hair. Clip-ins can be worn throughout the day some people remove them while sleeping. The Shell Hair has a wide range of collections in 100% Natural Human Hair Clip-In Extensions. Do check out our store.


Bonding is a method done by applying hair glue to a section of weft hair onto a person’s natural hair. It is advised to use it for 3 weeks as it begins to loosen up and the attractiveness of the hair decreases


The fusion method involves a machine similar to a hot glue gun which is used to attach human hair extensions to one’s natural hair. This method is very time-consuming and takes around 3 or more hours to install and needs re-positioning every 2-3 months. This method is more damaging to natural hair due to the use of different chemicals in the glue and use of heat

Micro ring

Micro-ring hair extensions use small metal (usually aluminium) rings or beads to attach the extension hair to the natural hair. This method does not cause much damage but needs re-positioning every 2-3 months.

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Types of hair

types of hair extensions

Premium hair

The roots and tips of premium hairs are interwoven which causes tangling. Premium hair is the most inexpensive type of hair hence it is the most popular and commonly sold in most beauty supply stores and even online. There are two types of premium hair 1. Regular premium hair 2. Tangle-free premium hair.

Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic fibers do not contain human hair and are made of various materials. They can be easily damaged by friction and heat hence they do not last as long as human hair. Curling, irons, flat irons, and straightening combs generally should never be used on most types of synthetic hairs. They never look like human hair as they can be stiff and move differently from human hair


Futura is a type of synthetic hair that is very similar to human hair, can outlast natural human hair, is tangle-free, and has a natural sheen. It can be easily straightened or curled as it can withstand 400°F (200°C). But, the drawback to it is it takes a longer time to set and cannot be colored.

Human hair

In the hair industry, the only way to get the very best hair is to get it from hair collectors who cut the hair from people’s heads directly. This hair is also called virgin cuticle hair. Human hair extensions are the most durable and have ease of use until it is processed with any chemicals. The Shell Hair provides you with natural human hair extensions sourced from Temples in South India where people usually offer their hair to God.


You may now know what are hair extensions and their types. By looking at all these types of hair extensions we can come to a conclusion that clip-in hair extensions are best for a majority of us as it can last for a very long period of time and wearing them is very less time-consuming.

With the above-mentioned hair types, we can conclude that human hair is best if you want a natural look and want it for the long term.

The Shell Hair manufactures 100% Natural Human hair Clip-In Extensions which are both durable and give you a natural-looking length and volume.

We provide you with 100% Natural Remy Human Hair Extensions that can be washed, blow-dried, flat ironed, or curled using hot tools- just like your own hair. Also, we provide worldwide shipping, so, you are never too far from us. Visit our store and select the extensions you want.

If you want to know difference between Human Hair and Synthetic Hair. Click on the video below

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