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Article: Do you have a hair care routine? | Tips and tricks for building a hair care routine for beginners | The Shell Hair

Do you have a hair care routine? | Tips and tricks for building a hair care routine for beginners | The Shell Hair

Do you have a hair care routine? | Tips and tricks for building a hair care routine for beginners | The Shell Hair

Building a hair care routine goes way beyond how often you wash your hair.

While the foundations of a hair care routine are a wash, dry, and style, there are many other factors to consider for the healthiest, thickest and shiniest hair. Although you don’t need a slew of products and tools to achieve the look you want, hair care essentials include more than just shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re ready to get the most out of your hair, here’s a beginner’s guide on how to build a hair care routine.

Step 1: Determine your hair type 

Hair type is more than just texture. Other factors that influence your hair type include how well it absorbs moisture and whether it breaks easily. The five factors listed below can help determine whether you have thick, fine, coarse, curly, or oily hair.


Do a simple strand test. Take one hair strand and rub it between your fingertips; if you don’t feel anything, you have fine hair. If you can feel a single strand, your hair is probably medium-width, and if it feels thick or textured, it’s probably coarse.


The amount of hair you have is referred to as your hair density. Take a handful of hair from the front of your head and gently pull it to the side to determine your hair density. If you can see a lot of your scalp between the bunch of hair you pulled, your hair density is thin; if you can barely see your scalp at all, your hair density is thick. Anything in the middle is considered medium density.


This one is simple: do you have straight, wavy, or curly hair?
Your hair type is easier to determine than your dating type. Knowing your hair type will assist you in determining which products you require the most and how to structure your hair care routine to meet all of your requirements.
It’s important to remember that hair changes with the seasons; for example, in humid and hot weather, your hair may be more frizzy or curly, whereas, in colder months, your hair may be less porous. Small changes to your routine may be required, but they should not throw you off your game.

Step 3: Determine when to wash your hair

Now that you’re more familiar with your hair type, let’s go over the fundamentals of your hair care routine, beginning with your wash routine. Ideally, you should only wash your hair three times per week. This will vary depending on your hair type and activity level. For example, if you enjoy hot yoga classes or use a lot more products for styling, your hair may become oily faster due to sweat and build-up, so our advice is to be flexible with your hair-wash routine based on your schedule.

Shampoo your hair twice a week if you have dry hair. Washing your hair twice a week also works if you have thick or curly hair, because natural oils from the scalp do not reach the hair shaft as quickly as those with fine hair.

Ladies with oily hair can wash it three times a week. 


Use a scalp massager to work in the product for added pampering. Massaging the scalp also promotes the circulation of oxygen, resulting in healthier hair.

Take note of the temperature! While a hot shower can be extremely relaxing for some, it is not good for your hair. Use warm water to wash and thoroughly rinse the product.

So here are the fundamentals of your hair care wash routine: Two to three times per week, depending on your hair type. Apply conditioner to the middle to ends of your hair. Reduce the water pressure, thoroughly rinse, and adjust your schedule as needed based on your activities or product use.

Step 4. Drying and styling your hair

Now that the washing is done, how about the drying? Avoid rubbing your hair between non-microfiber towels by soaking up excess water with a microfiber towel.

Apply a hair protectant before drying with a hair dryer or diffuser. If you want to style your hair, use a paddle brush or a round brush.

If you have time or will be lounging around the house, spritz your hair with styling products and let it air dry. Limiting your hair’s heat exposure as much as possible will help protect its health and integrity.

Depending on the style you want, use a flat iron or a curling wand after the hairdryer. Heat protectants should be used, and depending on the porosity of your hair, styling products should be used both before and after to set the style. If you want your waves or curls to last overnight, pin them loosely around your head so you’re ready in the morning.


If you want to add length or thickness to your hair, clip-in hair extensions can give you fuller, longer hair with a natural look. If you already use hair extensions, remember to wash them at least once a month; if you use more product on them, wash them more frequently. Store your hair extensions properly in their designated packaging or hair extensions carrier to ensure their integrity and longevity.

Creating a hair care routine entails determining what your hair requires and treating it accordingly. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and most hair care routines will include the steps of washing, drying, styling, and treatment. The frequency with which you wash your hair, properly dry it, protect it from heat, and add any extras as needed make for an easy-to-follow hair care routine for healthier hair.

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